Where We Came From...

Pacific Pearls, an Australian owned family company, was founded in 1973 by Neville Barnes. Today his eldest son, Bruce Barnes, carries on the long tradition and constant commitment to "Honesty, Integrity and Excellence" in pearl trading.

The history of the Barnes family involvement in pearling began in Papua New Guinea in the 1960’s where Neville Barnes established and managed a successful South Sea Pearl farm with Australian and Japanese partners. This farm was located in Fairfax Harbour close to the capital city of Port Moresby. This direct and early family involvement in the South Sea pearling industry had a profound influence on Bruce.

Neville Barnes started Pacific Pearls in Australia in 1973 when he recognised the growing appreciation of South Sea Pearls. After completing a Bachelor of Science Degree, majoring in Marine Biology, at the University of Queensland in Australia, Bruce joined the family business in 1979. Shortly after, Bruce moved to Singapore to establish and manage the first overseas office of Pacific Pearls. Over the next 25 years Pacific Pearls developed into a major pearl company active in the Singapore, Malaysian and Indonesian jewellery markets.


What We Do...

Pacific Pearls has maintained its position in the pearl industry through its close associations with the major pearl producers of Australia, Tahiti, and the Philippines. By sourcing our pearls directly from the pearl farmers we are able to confidently guarantee the quality and authenticity of our pearls. We stock a large range of the magnificent Australian South Sea Pearls which are famous for their size, beauty and lustre and exceptional silver white colours. We also have a unique collection of the Tahitian Pearls which show the enormous variety of black colours and of course we also carry the lovely Golden South Sea Pearls found mainly in the Philippines.

Pacific Pearls has taken its expertise with pearls to develop an exquisite jewellery collection using our pearls and pairing them with diamonds, coloured stones, platinum and gold to create individual pieces of jewellery.

Pacific Pearls guarantees the Quality of its Pearls and Pearl Jewellery.  Our long history in the Pearl industry, our Professionalism and our Commitment to offering true Value at a Competitive price is your guarantee that Pacific Pearls remains a reliable business partner now and in the future.