Pacific Pearls started from its expertise in the pearl industry through its close associations with the major pearl producers of Australia, Tahiti, and the Philippines. By sourcing our pearls directly from the pearl farmers we are able to confidently guarantee the quality and authenticity of our pearls. Pacific Pearls expanded its line of business to a wide range of products from Japan including CBD products, fragrances, insect repellents and disinfectant products.


Our Services


by Hinata Trading 

With over 50 years of experience and devotion in the field of cultured pearls. Often at the very source of these beautiful gems, we have gained our position in the global pearl industry as a seasoned pioneer and a veteran wholesale trader.


CBD OEM Services

We provide OEM services for CBD products made in Japan

Ataracia CBD

We provide distribution of Ataracia CBD products from Japan to Hong Kong

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Fragrances since 1923

Place our fragrance bags in the living room, and front entrance of your home to bring you good luck with our Japanese scent.

Clothing Store

Manufacturer in Japan

We produce OEM and original insecticides and insect repellents for your businesses compatible for closets, dressers and more


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